Garden tractor pulling promotes friendly competitiveness amongst the participants providing an opportunity to improve one’s skills. We are all about the experienced pulling teams sharing their knowledge of the sport with the novice pulling teams.

Together you and your driver can learn about the parts of an engine and how they work together, learn about modifications to meet the specifications of a particular class, use garage tools, and learn about how balance, velocity, and momentum can affect the outcome of your pull.

We provide a safe and fun environment for you and your pulling team that when played fairly, lawn and garden tractor pulling can help build good sportsmanship and character in both adults and kids.

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Pulling the drag is done on a dirt or clay track where the winner is not decided on by which lawn tractor pulls the fastest, but who can pull the drag the furthest. Our club is not about racing, we are all about the pulling!!



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Our Club is dedicated to supporting the sport of garden tractor pulling for youngsters ages 5 to 19. It is our belief that participation in tractor pulling can instill good sportsmanship skills, enhance cooperation, and increase socialization skills in youngsters. It is a family affair and fun is the most important goal!

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