Chassis Rules

Chassis Rules

1. Open to two-wheel drive, rubber tired tractors. No dual wheels, chains, or spikes. Absolutely NO sprays!

2. Base of motor may not exceed front axle. 

3. All tractors must have hood. 

4. All tractors must have stock style rear end.

5. All tractors must have at least a 3 inch seat back with a minimum of a 45 degree angle. 

6. All tractors must have fenders. Fenders must extend a minimum of 4 inches in width and must cover the front of rear tires to its furthest point forward. It is recommended that the foot step be connected to front of fender to avoid foot injury. 

7. Draw bar will be horizontal and stationary in all directions. No more than ¼ inch side to side movement. Adjustable hitch is recommended.  With hitching device, not more than ¾ inch in thickness and must have a minimum of a 1 ½ inch hole for hook. No more than 1 inch material behind the hole. Hitches may be steel or aluminum. Hitching device to be parallel to and not more than 12 inches above the ground.  

8. Wheelie bars: All tractors must have safety devices to prevent turnover. This device is to have wheels or skid plates. Skid plates no smaller than 1 ½ inches by 3 inches. Wheels must be a minimum of 1 inch wide. Wheelie bars are to be no more than 5 inches vertically and between 5 ½ inches and no more than 9 inches behind furthest rear point of tires. It must be able to support the weight of the tractor when lifted. Wheelie bars cannot interfere with the hooking of the chain to the sled.

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