Pure Stock Class Rules

Pure Stock

Wanna give pulling a try, this class is open for youngsters age 5 - 19. This is a great low budget or starter class. Tractors are completely stock. Remove your mower deck, install wheelie bars and weight racks and you are ready to pull!!

**** It is recommended that pure stock tractors have an adjustable hitch, but it is not required. It makes hooking easier and competition more equal.


    1. Limited to 1000 lb and 1100 lb hooks at Thundering Valley Raceway and the fairs. 

   2. Motor limited to opposed flathead twin MAX 18hp, Flathead single MAX 16hp, Overhead valve single MAX 16hp. MOTOR MUST REMAIN STOCK. NO MOTOR MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED.    NO OVERHEAD VALVE V-TWINS.The motor must have come in that model and year of your tractor and be equivalent to or smaller than the original motor.

   3. Tractor must remain stock for make and model.

   4. No relocating of components.

   5. Turf tires only, no cutting. Must be stock size tire for tractor. Tires not allowed to exceed 23x10x50.

   6. 4,000 rpm limit

   7. Engine must have lawn mower type muffler.

   8. All belts must be covered.

   9. Tractor must have hood.

   10. Tractor must have rear fenders.

   11. All tractors must have "wheelie bars".

   12. All tractors must have minimum 1 1/2" shackle on rear for hook.  Adjustable pulling hitch recommended.

   13. Tractor must have stock rear end and transmission.

   14. Pure Stock tractors may not be longer than 5 1/2 feet from the center of the rear axle to the front most point including any weights. 

   15. 30 thousandths allowed on motor rebuild; you may bore cylinder or machine head.

   16. For tractors that come with an electric fuel pump, you must be able to verify that the tractor came stock with the electric fuel pump.

   17. You are allowed to have either a foot or a hand throttle.

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