General Rules

General Rules


1. Event Officials can override any misprints in rules.

2. Event official’s decision will be final. Any disagreement on their decision on any point of controversy will result in disqualification for that weight class.

3. All weight classes will be 1100 lbs. & 1200 lbs.

4. Proof of age is required for all drivers, whether you are a club member or just pulling for the day. Forms of ID can be a birth certificate or a State ID.

5. One driver to one tractor per class.

6. ALL MEMBERS must sign a copy of the “Sportsmanship Agreement”.  The participant, crew and family will be bound by the sportsmanship agreement with Central Maine Quarter Scale Tractor Pullers.

7. All pulls will be a “Floating Finish”.

8. All pulls will be measured to the nearest tenth of a foot where the sled stops based on read out of the digital system.

9. Driver will be disqualified if he/she delays contest more than 2 minutes. Puller is expected to have tractor running and be prepared to hook when the sled returns to starting point.

10. No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled hitch during the pull.

11. Any loss of components or personal effects will be a disqualification. 

12. Once puller is hooked to the sled, whether he/she can make measureable pull or not, their hook will count.
13. Any portion of the tractor touching the boundary line during the pull will result in end of pull. You must be powering down the tractor before crossing the boundary line.

14. Two attempts will be allowed to start sled except in pull offs.  One attempt only in a pull off.

15. The 1st puller in each class is a test puller, they have the option to keep their hook or refuse their pull and come back immediately or come back to be the 3rd puller in line. This decision is required to be made before the driver leaves the track; otherwise the driver will automatically keep their 1st hook. The only change that the puller is allowed to make during the wait is movement of weights. No other modifications are allowed.

16. The test puller, if disqualified on his/her 1st attempt, may refuse the 1st attempt for a minor infraction. If a major infraction occurs, the driver is disqualified with no 2nd attempt allowed. If the attempt is refused, it is null and void and cannot replace the 2nd attempt if the driver is disqualified on the 2nd attempt. If the class is restarted, the disqualified driver will be allowed to pull in the same position drawn based on the decision of the track and Safety/Tech crew.

17. If the puller has a mechanical problem prior to moving Sled they have the option to drop back to the end of the class plus have an addition 5 minutes after the completion of the class to make repairs. If the puller is not able to hook in the allotted time, they will receive last place in the class with no benefit of award.

18. Shut down zone is 30 feet from the start line, 50 feet for Hot and Pro Stock tractors. The front of the pan must be within that 30 or 50 feet when the tractor comes to a stop.  No exceptions. 

19. All drivers must be able to control his/her tractor, clutch, and brake, without assistance, while the tractor is in motion. Once the sled is moving, at no time is the driver’s assistant allowed to touch the tractor, sled, or the tractor driver until the red flag is displayed.

20. Random tech checks may be performed at the pulling events at the discretion of the Tech crew. If you are asked to participate in the check of RPM’s, weight, hitch height and you refuse, you WILL BE disqualified for the pulling class. 

21. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drug use will not be tolerated during a club sponsored pulling event. 


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