General Rules

General Rules

    1. Judges/flagman decision will be final.  Any disagreement on their decision on any point of controversy will result in disqualification for that class for the day.  The flagman has the final say on what happens on the track.

    2. No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled hitch during the pull.

    3. Any portion of the tractor touching the boundary line during pull will result in end of pull. You must be powering down the tractor before crossing the boundary line.

    4. Two attempts will be allowed to start sled except in pull offs.  One attempt only in a pull off.

    5. The first puller can drop three places or they can come back immediately if they refuse the pull. If they do drop, they drop to the fourth position.  If a puller has mechanical problems, they drop to the rear.

    6. Driver will be disqualified if he/she delays contest.  Puller is expected to have tractor running and be prepared to hook when drag returns to the starting point.

    7. A driver must remain seated during pull and must have at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times.

    8. Weight transfer sled will be used with a twelve inch hitch height; all hitches may have a slight variance, no more than ¼” movement in each direction and absolutely no movement up and down. No floating hitches. All hitches will be measured from the highest point where the chain hooks. 

    9. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner and at a safe speed at all times.

All weights MUST be safely secured to the tractor.  Any loss of weights or components while under a Green Flag WILL BE cause for disqualification.

   11. Competitors must be at least 5 years old and no older than 19 years old at first pull of season.

   12. Proof of age is required for all drivers, whether you are a club member or just pulling for the day. Forms of ID can be a birth certificate or a State ID.

   13. One tractor per driver per class.

   14. All tractors must use stock rear end for model of tractor. 

   15. Maximum wheel base of 52 1/2 inches.  Exception: Pure Stock class wheel base must remain stock.

   16. Shut down zone is 30 feet from the start line, 50 feet for Pro Stock tractors. The front, left corner of the pan must be within that 30 or 50 feet when the tractor comes to a stop.  No exceptions.

   17. Base of motor may not exceed front axle.

   18. All drivers must be able to control his/her tractor, clutch, and brake, without assistance, while the tractor is in motion.

   19. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drug use will not be tolerated during a club sponsored pulling event.

   20. Once you are in line in the staging area, you are not allowed to have tools out doing any mechanical work, no adding fuel, no putting air in your tires, (you are allowed to let air out of your tires in the staging area), no work or changes being made to your carburetor, and no changing of parts of your tractor

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