Hot Stock Class Rules

Hot Stock Rules

This class is open to youngsters age 10 - 19 years of age. An exception may be made for 9 year olds with 3 years prior pulling experience in our Club and pass safety checks with Safety Tech Crew. This is a higher budget class, stock overhead valve V-twins and is open to single cylinder. 5200 RPM limit makes for an exciting ride down the track for more experienced pullers.
1. All tractors must use Lawnmower type motor, 45.6 cubic inch maximum V-Twin.

2. Motors must remain stock stroke.

3. Only engine modifications allowed is the changing of the flywheel and exhaust. NO internal engine modifications allowed at all. Allowed to change external parts only. The engine must be stock per manufacturer. NO added internal or external balancers allowed. NO decking of block or heads. NO porting or polishing allowed. STOCK ENGINE MEANS STOCK PERIOD! NO overbuilding of small cubic V-Twins to reach class cubic inch limit, i.e. 18hp V-Twin must be left at 18hp. If you want to use a 45.6 cubic inch engine you will need to purchase a 45.6 cubic engine.

4. Motors must have stock carburetor, stock intake manifold and stock heads for make and model of motor. Carburetor maximum venture size, 1 inch for single barrel carburetor, 22mm venture size for two-barrel carburetor. Venturi must be round in sharp and choke plate must be installed in carburetor.

5. Hot Stock shielding rule: Single cylinder: ALL engines must have a scatter shield opposite the cam side of the motor. It must be made of 1/8 inch steel or 3/16 inch aluminum. It must cover full height and width of block and be attached in a secure manner to frame and / or head plate. Shield must be attached to frame at the bottom and to the flywheel shield at the top to make rigid. V-Twin 1/8 inch steel or 3/16 inch aluminum on external side of cylinder extending from head gasket to frame. 

6. Flywheel must be covered 360 degrees. 
Flywheel shielding: 360 degrees around the flywheel with 1/8 inch steel or 3/16 inch aluminum if you are running over 4000 RPM’s.
7. If you are running more than 4000 RPM’s you must use a Billet flywheel and shielding. Refer to rule #6

8. If you are running a stock flywheel for the make and model of the tractor, you CANNOT run over 4000 RPM’s.

9. 5000 RPM limit. 

10. Relocation of components allowed.

11. Modifying of body panels allowed.

12. Changing of clutches, gears and pulleys are allowed.

13. All belts and clutches must be covered a minimum of 180 degrees.

14. NO turbo’s.

15. NO fuel injection.

16. 56 inch wheelbase Maximum.

17. No portion of any tractor may exceed 6 feet in width. No more than 2 inches wider than tire at any time, including weights.

18. All tractors must have rear mounted tether switch that kills the fuel pump and ignition. The switch will be located within 6 inches of either side of center back of tractor with a minimum of a 1 ½ inch loop for hooking.

14. Bar lug tires allowed. Treads may be modified. Double cuts allowed.

15. NO pro pulling tires. NO Dick Cepek, Lawn Tec, Pitbull, Vogel Manufacturing or Nichols brand tires allowed.

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