Points Information

2016 Points Pulls Information

  • All scheduled pulls will be counted as point pulls whether they are located at Thundering Valley Raceway or at the Fairs. (Except for pulls marked as "Non-Points")
  • At the fairs, only club members will be included in the points.
  • At the end of the year, the lowest points pull for each driver for each weight class will not be counted.
  • Points pull tallies will not be posted throughout the year; they will only be available at the end of year celebration.
  • Points are calculated as the number of pullers in an event plus 1. For example if there are 5 pullers in an event, 1st place will receive 6 points; 2nd place will receive 5 points, etc……..
  • There will not be any double point pulls throughout the year.
  • Points count only after you have filled out, signed your paperwork, and paid for your 2015 membership.

Please note: Due to pulls being for points, no driver will be allowed to pull two different tractors in the same class. No driver will be allowed to pull the same tractor in two different classes unless a bump up from one class to another takes place. The bump up would be announced at the beginning of the pulling day.

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