Safety Rules

Safety Rules

1. Event Official’s reserves the right to implement rule changes for safety and Health reasons at any time. 

2. Your tractor must meet all safety and shielding requirements prior to hooking, otherwise you will not be allowed to compete.

3. Helmets are mandatory in all classes. All helmets must fit properly, be strapped when pulling and need to meet DOT or Snell safety requirements. No half helmets, bicycle helmets, baseball          helmets, etc.

4. All drivers and track crew must have closed toed shoes or boots, No sandals.

5. Gasoline ONLY. NO oxygen enhancing devices allowed!!!

6. All tractors to be equipped with workable brakes.

7. Only driver on the tractor. NO PASSENGERS ALLOWED!!

8. No tractor may be left running unattended.

9. Absolutely NO RACING of any form. All tractors must be driven at a sensible idle when not hooked to the sled.

10. Driver must keep their tractor under control while hooked to the sled. Sled operator and flagger have the right to end a pull at any time they feel necessary for safety reasons.

11. At no time, may any driver wrap their fingers between the fenders and the rear tires.
1st offense – Will receive a warning
2nd offense – Will be DQ’d

12. A driver must remain seated during pull and must have at least one hand on the steering wheel at all time.
1st offense – Will receive a warning.
2nd offense – Will be DQ’d

13. Registered drivers and / or crew chiefs are to be the only persons operating the tractor when not in your pit.

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