Safety Rules

Safety Rules

   1. Your tractor must meet all safety and shielding requirements prior to hooking otherwise you will not be allowed to compete.

   2. Wheelie bars cannot interfere with the hooking of the chain for the sled. Please be sure that your wheelie bars do not stick out too far behind the tractor.

    3. Helmets are mandatory in all classes. All helmets must fit properly, be strapped when pulling and need to meet DOT or Snell safety requirements; no half helmets, bicycle helmets, baseball helmets, etc.

   4. Pro Stock tractors are required to have a kill switch that will shut the tractor off in case of chain or hitch breakage.  The switch will be located within six inches of either side of center back of tractor with a minimum of a 1.5 inch loop for hooking.

   5. All open exhaust must discharge vertically and be securely attached.

   6. All tractors must have safety device to prevent turnover.  This device is to have wheels or skid plates that are no less than 5 inches and no more than 5 1/2" behind the rear tires.  It must be able to support the weight of the tractor.

    7. Hot and Pro Stock shielding rules. SINGLE CYLINDER: ALL engines must have a scatter shield opposite the cam side of the motor; it must be of 1/8" steel or 3/16" aluminum. It must cover full height and width of block and be attached in a secure manner to frame and head or head plate. Shield must be attached to frame at the bottom and to the flywheel shield at the top to make rigid. V-TWIN: 1/8" steel or 3/16" aluminum on external side of cylinder extending from head gasket to frame.

    8.All tractors to be equipped with workable brakes.

   9. Director of safety reserves the right to implement rule changes for safety and health reasons at any time.

    10. Pro Stock and Super Diesel drivers must wear a full fire suit.  

    11. Flat seat pans with no sides must have grab bar handles on both sides of the pan seat, no less than 1 1/2" tall; they may be mounted to the tractor fender.

    12. All tractors must have fenders. At no time may any driver wrap their fingers between the fenders and the rear tires; this will result in disciplinary action.

    13. All drivers and track crew must have closed toed shoes or boots, no sandals.

    14. Absolutely no racing of any form; all tractors must drive at a sensible idle when not hooked to the sled.

    15. Driver must keep their tractor under control while hooked to the sled. Sled operator and flag person have the right to end a pull at any time they feel necessary for safety reasons. 

    16. No tractors may be left running unattended.

    17. Registered drivers and/or crew chiefs are to be the only persons operating the tractor when not in your pit.


   1. Open to two wheel drive, rubber tired tractors, no dual wheels, chains, or spikes; absolutely no sprays.

   2. Tires must be no larger than 26x12x12 for all tractors.  Exception: Tall, narrow, stock equipment tires allowed.  Pure stock tractors must use stock size tires on rear.

   3. Draw bar will be horizontal and stationary in all directions.  With hitching device not more than 3/4" in thickness and must have a minimum of a 1 1/2" hole for hook.  Hitching device to be parallel to and not more than 12 inches above ground and made of steel. Purestock hitching device - not more than 13 inches above the ground.

   4. No portion of any tractor may exceed 6 feet in width.  No portion of any tractor may exceed 6 feet forward of the center of the rear wheel, including weights. No tolerance on overall length. The only exception to this rule would be the Pure Stock class.

   5. All tractors are to run gasoline.

   6. No pressurized fuel tanks, no nitrous oxide.

   7. All tractors must have at least 3" seat back on all seats.

   8. All tractors must have fenders.  Fenders must extend a minimum of 4" in width and must cover the front of all tires to its furthest point forward.  It is recommended that the foot step be connected to front of fender to avoid foot injury.

   9. Director of safety can overrule any misprints in rules.

   10. All drivers should be clean and neatly attired.  Tractors should be clean and painted.
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