Sport Stock Twin Engines

Sport Stock Twin
This class is open to youngsters age 5 - 19 years old. This is a budget friendly class that is great for starters and is divided into two classes, single and twin engine. Stock tractors with bar lug tires and open exhaust brings a little more of a challenge than the Pure Stock Class. Jump in and give it a try!!

1. Motor limited to opposed flathead twin MAX 20hp. Motor must remain stock. NO motor modifications allowed. NO overhead valve V-Twins allowed. You must have the same type of motor that came in your tractor originally.

2. 30 thousandths over stock bore and 30 thousandths milling of head surface for flatness.

3. 4000 RPM limit

4. Tractor must remain stock appearing.

5. Relocation of components allowed.

6. Must use stock flywheel.

7. Open exhaust permitted. Must exit vertically.

8. Changing of clutches, gears and pulleys are allowed.

9. All belts and clutches must be covered must be covered a minimum of 180 degrees.

10. No portion of any tractor may exceed 6 feet in width. No more than 2 inches wider than tire at any time, including weights.

11. 52 ½ inch wheelbase Maximum. 6 foot length center rear axle to front most point including weights. 

12. Electric fuels pumps allowed. Must have kill switch to kill fuel pump and ignition. The kill switch will be located within 6 inches of either side of center back of tractor with a minimum of a 1½ inch loop for hooking.

13. Turf tires or bar lug tires are allowed. No cutting or modifying of tread. Tires came new on lawnmower with proof that they came on a lawnmower and NOT over 26x12x12.

14. NO Pro pulling tires. NO ATV type tires. No Dick Cepek, Lawn Tec, Pitbull or Nichols brand tires.

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